People are confused by PR measurement – Here is how to communicate about it effectively

PR remains an obscure discipline from an outsider’s point of view. Therefore, it goes without saying that its measurement probably baffles more people than we think, including some from the media industry. Richard Bagnall, Chairman of AMEC, recently shared a Forbes article on Twitter titled: “How to measure the value of publicity”. The article itselfContinue reading “People are confused by PR measurement – Here is how to communicate about it effectively”

Why ethics is the future of PR

“The next step is to explore not what you do, but why you do it”.’s editor Richard Bailey recently published a powerful reminder about the state of the PR working environment. If we want to move beyond the event management, content marketing and media relations technician role, we need to demonstrate leadership, champion theContinue reading “Why ethics is the future of PR”

Is thought leadership evaluation the answer to fake news and fake followers?

The fake news and fake influencers crisis have left social media and giant tech companies under scrutiny. Actions have been taken to tackle authenticity issues with organisations attempting to monitor, measure and clean content from our digital platforms. Influencer marketing and advertising continue to fuel debates about digital integrity and online trust. Meanwhile, the influencerContinue reading “Is thought leadership evaluation the answer to fake news and fake followers?”

How my masters’ dissertation helps me with my work in research

Media audiences are generally aware of journalists’ biases and newspapers’ ideologies but struggle to define what parameters make a story subjective. So for my masters’ dissertation, I decided to start with a story, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, to understand the various ideologies at stake in the British media. The facts In January 2015, two gunmen forced their way into a satirical magazine office based in Paris. After theContinue reading “How my masters’ dissertation helps me with my work in research”

What can open data bring to your reputation?

Today’s digital world offers organisations an unprecedented opportunity to communicate information. Open data is no longer only useful for research, evaluation and measurement. It can only be turned into a powerful PR tactic if practitioners are aware of its advantages and understand its risks. Open data is data that can be freely distributed, shared andContinue reading “What can open data bring to your reputation?”

Is the Influencer Marketing bubble about to crash down to Earth?

It is a fair question. Recent news on the topic have caused quite a stir in the digital world so the value of influencer marketing is under scrutiny. I recently reviewed the matter in a Twitter chat with various practitioners. CIPR board and council member Ella Minty started the debate: Is the influencer marketing bubble actually aboutContinue reading “Is the Influencer Marketing bubble about to crash down to Earth?”

Public Affairs: Top tips for your Brexit communication

I recently had the chance to attend a masterclass held by Dr Jon White at the CIPR headquarters in London. Alongside 17 other practitioners, we gathered to review, discuss and map out the communication challenges brought by Brexit. Nearly two years after the referendum, the CIPR has recently revealed that more than three quarters ofContinue reading “Public Affairs: Top tips for your Brexit communication”

What is wrong with PR?

This is probably PR’s greatest irony: PR suffers from bad reputation and image issues. Although the discipline has been institutionalised for years now, the industry is still facing an existential crisis that most practitioners and professional bodies are actively tackling. I wanted to look at the most crucial challenges and misconceptions which, according to me,Continue reading “What is wrong with PR?”

Aligning content analysis with journalism: A better path to public relations success

Before I conducted Public Relations research and evaluation, I worked in Paris for national news and specialized media outlets as a freelance journalist. Since my day-to-day work consisted of collecting, checking, compiling and commenting on facts, I found that Research occupied most of my time and that Public Relations professionals rarely anticipated my needs as a journalist.Continue reading “Aligning content analysis with journalism: A better path to public relations success”

Cambridge Analytica: PR learnings from the whole debacle

Reading the news about Cambridge Analytica’s fraudulent use of Facebook data made me feel concerned, but not for the most obvious reasons. Yes, the scandal raises serious questions about security issues and online trust, but I am particularly worried about how this case could, almost accidentally, impact on PR’s reputation. It also made me thinkContinue reading “Cambridge Analytica: PR learnings from the whole debacle”